The brand new Ipex powder extinguisher, which is non-pressurised and boasts ultra-fast diffusion, is suitable for extinguishing fires in enclosed spaces for classes A, B, C and for electrical equipment

  • Solid combustible materials (Fire class A) such as wood, paper, textiles, composite materials, plastics and others.
  • Liquid combustible materials (Fire Class B) such as lubricating oils, petrol and other petroleum refining products, organic solvents, resins, etc.
  • Fires involving flammable gases (Fire class C) such as methane, propane, LPG, chlorine, coal gas, acetylene, hydrogen, methyl chloride, etc.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment, including those under voltage such as: electrical panels, dry-type and oil-immersed transformers, cable tunnels and cable galleries, transformer and distribution cabins, electronic telephony equipment.
  • Archives
  • Card deposits
  • Pneumatic deposits
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Commercial facilities
  • Hospital facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Power transformers in oil
  • Paint and solvent deposits
  • ATEX environments
  • Means of transportations
  • Trains
  • For nautical use
  • Waste storage

Ipex Powder fire extinguishers certifications

UL 2127
NFPA 2010-2006
ISO 15779:2011

Ipex powder fire extinguishers compliance