A significant number of fires originate from the electrical system, and there are many electrical phenomena attributable to malfunction situations that can develop a sufficient amount of energy to ignite combustible materials.

It should also be borne in mind that the system components themselves are often made of combustible material and therefore contribute to the development and spread of fire.
Fire ignition and fire spread are therefore the actions that effective fire protection in electrical panels focuses on preventing.

Green Safety has devised an automatic, non-pressurised fire extinguishing system designed to protect electrical panels, apparatus and live electrical and electronic equipment, acting directly on the sources of possible risk and thereby guaranteeing targeted protection of the equipment.
The Green Safety system detects, signals and extinguishes a fire within seconds in an entirely stand-alone manner, making the system very easy to install. Green Safety uses a "Clean Agent" potassium salt aerosol extinguishing agent which is dielectric, non-acidic, non-corrosive, non-pressurised and does not damage live equipment.

Green Safety fire protection for electrical panelsGreen Safety generators are specially designed for fire protection for electrical panels, UPS, Motor Control Centres, Inverters, Battery Cabinets, Control Panels, etc. Thanks to their positioning inside the apparatus, they guarantee rapid deployment, even in the presence of oxygen, as soon as the fire breaks out.
The Green Safety system, entirely stand-alone (no external power supply, no batteries), consists of an aerosol generator and a thermal detection device. In the event of a fire inside the apparatus, within seconds the device, detecting the increase in temperature, discharges the aerosol extinguishing agent, instantly extinguishing the fire.

The whole range is available with either electrical activation, which can be connected to a thermal temperature sensor with thermal/mechanical activation, or in a version with thermal activation via a thermosensitive cable.

The entire Green Safety fire-protection system is ISO 15779:11 and NFPA 2010 certified