The T-start is a thermal induction detector which activates a fire extinguishing system made up of one or more Green Safety aerosol fire extinguishers/ultra-fast diffusion powder modules, once a temperature above that for which it has been calibrated has been detected 45 °C–72 °C–110 °C. The T-start fire-suppression activator is EN 54 certified

Green Safety T-start activator for aerosol and impulse discharge powder dispensers
No external power supply is required for the T-start fire-suppression activator device to function.
Acts as an automatic or manual fire-suppression system.

T-start activator technical diagram for Green Safety fire-suppression dispensers
The main feature of the automatically operated T-start device is a special temperature-sensitive element (7) with a set temperature value.
When subjected to a certain temperature, the temperature-sensitive element expands, releasing a spring-loaded rod (10) mounted inside a nozzle (9). The spring moves a cylindrical magnet (4), which is mounted on the rod (10), through an inductor (12). The induction coil generates an electrical impulse. The impulse is transmitted to the electrical terminals (2) and then to the GreenSafety fire-suppression dispenser.


The T-start in stand-alone fire-suppression systems


For smaller applications, such as switches, electrical panels, small transformer stations, and containers, Green Safety offers a simple, yet multifunctional stand-alone solution for fire detection and extinguishment using the T-start (stand-alone fire detector) and a GS aerosol generator of your choice.

The T-start coupled with the relay module is a self-contained fire management device that combines a heat detector with the basic features of a conventional fire detection control unit. T-start will ensure detection at the very early stage of fires (incipient), making intervention as fast as possible. The T-start unit can activate any type of Green Safety generator, making it usable for the protection of a wide range of objects, switchboards, racks and small rooms.

The T-start/relay module was developed with the aim of meeting the need for a completely self-contained, easy-to-install system and making it the solution for object-based protection and for protecting small premises.

green safety stand-alone fire-suppression system


  • High-end detection method based on heat emission
  • Alarm communication to smoke detection control units
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Detection of a potential fire at a very early stage
  • Lower your protection costs by using the best of Green Safety