Fire fighting solutions
with non-pressurized extinguishers

The GS-Fire Bus Protection System automotive fire protection is the system for detecting and extinguishing fires that may develop in the engine compartment and/or pre-heater compartment (WEBASTO) of a vehicle.

The automotive fire-protection unit operates in fully AUTOMATIC mode, activating the non-pressurised extinguishing agent without the presence of an operator.
Fire detection is fully electronic using thermosensitive transducers, thus eliminating the problem of false alarms and/or inadvertent activations caused by transistor sensors. The system is designed for separate management of the detection and extinguishing of fires in the engine compartment and in the pre-heater compartment (WEBASTO).
The GS-Bus Protection System offers the possibility of interfacing with the CAN-BUS system of the vehicle through the ICCS Micro CAN module. The technology of the GS-BP System makes the fire-protection system completely maintenance-free as all functions are self-controlled by the electronics of the ICCS CAN I/O unit. Any anomalies are automatically signalled by the control panel installed on the vehicle's dashboard, including audible alarms.

The GS-Bus Protection System consists of:
1 x ICCS CAN I/O electronic unit responsible for:
• the management of the thermal sensors that detect the fire
• the analysis of the signals sent by the thermal sensors and management of the GS dispensers
• automatically commanding and controlling the extinguishing system by means of a signalling LED
2 x thermal sensors for detecting the fire, installed respectively in the engine compartment and in the pre-heater compartment.
2 x IPEX 0.5 dispensers with 480 g of aerosol compound each in the engine compartment and one GS1P100 dispenser with 100 g in the pre-heater compartment

Advantages of the GS-Bus Protection System
NO FALSE ALARMS data from transistor sensors
Interfacing with the CAN-BUS system through the ICCS MICRO-CAN module
NO MAINTENANCE – Absence of nozzles subject to obstruction Absence of pipes – Absence of cylinders containing gas or fluids under pressure
Does not generate dirt in the engine compartment – Environmentally friendly – Non-toxic

The system is certified:
Fire-protection dispensers: UL2127, NFPA2010
Electronic unit: EMC: 2009/28/EC; DIN 40839; Certification E1: KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority).

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